The River and Death

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The River and Death
El Rio y la muerte poster.jpg
Directed by Luis Buñuel
Produced by J. Ramón Aguirre, Armando Orive Alba
Written by Luis Alcoriza, Luis Alcoriza
Starring Columba Domínguez, Miguel Torruco, Joaquín Cordero, Víctor Alcocer, Jaime Fernández
Music by Raúl Lavista
Cinematography Raúl Martínez Solares
Edited by Jorge Bustos
Release date
30 June 1955 (Mexico)
Running time
91 minutes
Country Mexico
Language Spanish

The River and Death (Spanish:El río y la muerte) is a 1955 Mexican film. It was written by Luis Alcoriza and directed by Luis Buñuel.[1]



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