Elaine Pritchard

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Elaine Pritchard
Full nameElaine Zelia Pritchard
Country England
Born(1926-01-07)7 January 1926
Died7 January 2012(2012-01-07) (aged 86)
TitleWoman International Master (1957)

Elaine Zelia Pritchard (7 January 1926 – 7 January 2012), née Saunders, was an English chess player who held the title of Woman International Master (WIM, 1957). She was a four-time winner of the British Women's Chess Championship (1939, 1946, 1956, 1965).


Pritchard learned to play chess at the age of five, and was considered a child prodigy.[1] For two consecutive years, she won the World Girl Chess Championships (1936, 1937), and also successfully participated in simultaneous exhibitions against Alexander Alekhine and Rudolf Spielmann.[2]

For decades, she was among England's leading women chess players. Elaine Pritchard four times won the British Women's Chess Championships (1939, 1946 — after winning an additional match against Rowena Mary Bruce,[3] 1956, 1965).[4]

Pritchard played for England in the Women's Chess Olympiads:[5]

In 1957, she was awarded the FIDE Woman International Master (WIM) title. She was author of two chess books and an Honorary Life Member of the English Chess Federation.[6]


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