Electric Production Car Series

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Electric Production Car Series
CategoryGrand tourer sportscars
Inaugural season?
ConstructorsTesla Motors
Tyre suppliersPirelli Pzero
Official websiteElectricGT.co

The Electric Production Car Series is a proposed zero-emission international auto racing championship. The inaugural season was planned to take place in 2018,[1] but was cancelled before the start due to a lack of a lead investor.[2] All teams would use a modified version of the Tesla Model S P100D.



In contrast to Formula E, the Electric Production Car Series will use classic racetracks and the existing infrastructure.[3]


Each race weekend will consist of a 20-minute practice session, a 30-minute qualifying session and two races, a day and a dusk race, lasting each 60 km.[4] EGT intends to run an electric kart racing series to recruit drivers.[5]


For the Inaugural season of the championship all teams are supplied identical versions of a modified Tesla Model S by sole supplier Tesla. The championship is however open to other manufactures of electric vehicles and those could be introduced in the coming seasons.[6]

The base model for the championship car was the Tesla Model S P85, and updated to P100D for tests on the Spanish Circuit Calafat in December 2016.[7] The modifications include improved braking, aerodynamics to increase high speed grip, strengthen of the suspension, braking and cooling, steering wheel and a reduction of the overall weight.[8]

In January 2017, the race-prepped Tesla was tested[9] and filmed[10] on the Circuit Pau-Arnos in rural southwestern France.


  • Tyre manufacturer Pirelli will be the supplier[4] of Pzero tires[5]
  • MAGNUM CAP will provide the charging systems. There will be 20 CHAdeMO-standard fast charger DC units, which will provide around 55 kW of power to each EGT race-prepared Tesla Model S P100D for season one.[11]
  • Front spoiler / Rear wing downforce (DTM-spec): 500 / 900 N at 250 km/h[5]
  • Top speed: 250 km / h
  • Acceleration (0–100 km / h): 2.1 sec
  • Maximum power: 585 kW (795 hp)
  • Battery: 100 kWh lithium-ion battery
  • Drive: All-wheel drive
  • Torque: 995 Nm[12]

Teams and drivers[edit]

The Electric Production Car Series is based on a Drivers' Club. This driver pool is intended to help the later teams negotiate negotiations with interested drivers.[13] To create a truly global racing series, the organizer is aiming to start with three teams from Europe, three from North America, two from Asia and two from the rest of the world in identical racing versions of the race modified Tesla. There will be 20 international drivers.[14] Among the drivers are:[5] Vicky Piria, Leilani Münter, Alice Powell, Emma Kimiläinen, Stefan Wilson, Dani Clos, Tom Coronel, Tom Onslow-Cole, Ricardo Teixeira, Jeroen Bleekemolen, Kevin Ceccon, Stephen Cox, Oliver Webb, George Richardson, Olivier Lombard, Wolfgang Reip, Alex Premat, Rebecca Jackson and Spencer Pumpelly.

Each team will be able to provide two drivers.[14]

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