Elena Iparraguirre

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Associated Press photo of Elena Iparraguirre (left) and Abimael Guzmán at their second trial in 2004

Elena Albertina Iparraguirre Revoredo, also known as Comrade Miriam, is a high-ranking member of the Peruvian Maoist revolutionary and terrorist organization Sendero Luminoso (Shining Path). Iparraguirre was captured in Lima in 1992 along with her partner, Shining Path founder Abimael Guzmán. In 1992, she received a sentence of life imprisonment by a secret military tribunal.[1] She was awarded a new trial in a civilian court in 2004, but the proceeding ended as a mistrial. After a third trial in 2006, both Iparraguirre and Guzmán again received life sentences.[2]


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