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Senior staff

Elevenplay is a Japanese dance troupe noted for their incorporation of advanced technologies into their works.[1] It is headed by director and principal choreographer Mikiko.[2]


The collaborated with the Rhizomatics groups to produce a piece called Shadow, which also uses three drones as well as one spot light and one dancer.[3] Elevenplay teamed up with the Rhizomatiks again to produce the show Pulse, for the Festival Internacional Cervantino in Mexico. This piece relies on projection-mapping both on the background and on the dancers.[2]

They have also collaborated individually with Rhizomatics director Daito Manabe to create a technology-enhanced show called Drone-Augmented Amazingness, which uses three drones as well as a projection-mapped backdrop. At first, the dancers direct the drones, but by the end of the piece, the drones replace the dancers.[1][4]


  • Saya Shinohara
  • Emi Tamura
  • Yu Tokutake
  • NON
  • Minako Maruyama
  • Kaori Yasukawa
  • Erisa Wakisaka

Former members[edit]

  • TOMO (Tomomi Yoshimura) - choreographer and dancer
  • Arisa Iwasawa
  • Saori Oodan
  • Nanako Sudo
  • Kazune Tomita
  • Aayane Nakamoto
  • Mayumi Niwa
  • Yuka Numata
  • Nozomi Hiramoto/Okamoto
  • Asami Horiko
  • Konomi Masuda
  • Mariko Yoshino

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