Elfin MR5

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Elfin MR5
Manufacturer Elfin Cars
Production 1971-1972; 4 built[1]
Designer Garrie Cooper
Body and chassis
Class Formula 5000[1]
Engine mid-engine, longitudinally mounted, 4,994 cc (304.8 cu in), Repco Holden, 90° V8, NA [2]

mid-engine, longitudinally mounted, 4,942 cc (301.6 cu in), Ford, 90° V8, NA [3]
Predecessor Elfin Type 100 Mono[1]
Successor Elfin MR6[1]

The Elfin MR5 is an Australian Formula 5000 racing car produced from 1971-1972 by Elfin Sports Cars.

Designed by Elfin owner/driver Garrie Cooper, the MR5 was the first car built by Elfin for Formula 5000 racing which had formed the basis of Australia's top open-wheel category, Australian Formula 1, from 1971. A total of four MR5's were built and the cars were powered by Repco-Holden 5.0L V8 or Ford V8 engines.

John McCormack drove an MR5 to victory in the 1973 Australian Drivers' Championship,[1] the 1973 New Zealand Grand Prix, the 1974 New Zealand Grand Prix and the 1974 Lady Wigram Trophy.[4]

Elfin MR5 at the 1972 Australian Drivers' Championship.