Eli Verschleiser

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Eli Verschleiser
Eli Verschleiser

1974 (age 44–45)
ResidenceNew York City, New York
OccupationPrivate Equity Real Estate Chairman of The Multi Group of Companies
Known forBusiness and Philanthropy
Spouse(s)Dr. Shani Verschleiser

Eli Verschleiser is an American businessman from New York City. He is a financier, philanthropist, real estate developer, and investor in commercial real estate projects.

Multi Group of Companies[edit]

Verschleiser is a founding partner and Chairman of the Multi Group of Companies, a private equity real estate investment banking firm.[1] Multi Capital LLC is the Capital Markets division of the Multi Group of Companies, and Multi Investment is the acquisition arm of the Multi Group of Companies. Through his companies, Verschleiser has been involved in over $7 billion of real estate transactions.[citation needed]

Multi Capital licensed the Trump name from Donald Trump and the Trump Organization to construct a luxury hotel and condominium complex in Philadelphia.[2] The property was planned to be a 43-story skyscraper overlooking the Delaware River. William Alesker was the architect of the project.[3] The project was cancelled due to the financial crisis of 2007–08 and halted construction.[4] The property remains an empty lot.[5]

United Realty Trust[edit]

Verschleiser was the founder and President of the public REIT United Realty Trust,[6] along with his ex-partner Jacob Frydman. In addition he and his former partner founded United Realty Partners,[7] a privately held firm that invests and advises in the commercial real estate arena.

Verschleiser resigned from the company, and he and his ex-partner Jacob Frydman have been embroiled in series of lawsuits over control of the company.[8]

Other real estate ventures[edit]

Verschleiser has been an active participant in a number of high-profile real estate transactions including the Trump Tower (Philadelphia),[9] acquisition of a million square foot portfolio from Brandywine Realty Trust located throughout the state of Pennsylvania,[10] a condominium conversion on Duane Street in the Tribeca neighborhood of New York City,[11] and the purchase of debt on 490 apartments in the Bronx.[12] Verschleiser through his company has represented Waterton in its $218 million acquisition of 88 Leonard Street,[13] and a hotel development project in the Financial District of New York City.[14]


The office of Eli Verschleiser has been named NYC's most historic offices by The New York Post.[15] Verschleiser has been cited in the media for helping aspiring entrepreneurs as a Mogul in a show similar to Shark Tank called Biz Tank. He has financed numerous startups both on and off the show.[16] Verschleiser has been quoted in an article pertaining to his real estate ventures in Forbes.[17]


Eli Verschleiser Speaks in the Capitol. Washington DC

Verschleiser's view of politics [18] are included in many international publications, such as the Moscow Times[19] the Jerusalem Post and the Kyiv Post.[20] Other op-Ed and thoughts from Eli Verschleiser on politics, real estate and his charitable efforts have been featured in many media outlets including The Hill (newspaper),[21] Philadelphia Daily News,[22] The Jewish Week,[23] and The Algemeiner Journal.[24] Additionally, Eli Verschleiser is a frequent contributor to the Huffington Post.[25]

In November 2015, Eli Verschleiser co-chaired the U.S. Israel Security Alliance Congressional Tribute[26] This event, which took place in the Cannon House Office Building of the Congress of the United States in Washington DC, honored a bipartisan group of Senators and Representatives for their support of Israeli security.[27] The New York Observer published an Op-ed written by Mr. Verschleiser on the Iron Dome topic and the event.[28]


Verschleiser is on the executive board of The American Jewish Congress, he is a Co-Founder & President for Our Place (Foundation), a non-profit organization that provides support, for troubled Jewish youth.[29][30][31] He also serves on the Board of Advisors for Magenu, an organization he helped create to educate children in personal safety topics.[32] Through their foundation[33] he and his wife support numerous causes worldwide.

Personal life[edit]

Eli Verschleiser's wife is Dr. Shani Verschleiser,[34] a co-founder of Magenu.[35]


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