Elijah Kellogg

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Elijah Kellogg
Elijah Kellogg, Jr.
Born(1813-05-20)20 May 1813
DiedMarch 17, 1901(1901-03-17) (aged 87)
EducationBowdoin College, Andover Theological Seminary
Occupation(s)Minister, lecturer and author
MovementCongregational Church

Elijah Kellogg, Jr. (May 20, 1813 – March 17, 1901) was an American Congregationalist minister, lecturer and author of popular boy's adventure books.[1]

Professional life[edit]

Born in Portland, Maine, Kellogg was the son of a minister and missionary to local Native Americans. He graduated from Bowdoin College in 1840 and Andover Theological Seminary. Kellogg served as a minister of the church in Harpswell, Maine 1844–54, as chaplain of the Boston Seaman's Friend Society and pastor of the Mariners' Church of Boston 1855–1865; and ended his life as minister of the church in Topsham, Maine from 1871 until his death in 1901.[2]

Family and heritage[edit]

Kellogg married Hannah Pearson Pomeroy and had three sons and one daughter. Wilmot B. Mitchell of Bowdoin edited Elijah Kellogg, the Man and His Work: Chapters From His Life and Selections from His Writings (Boston: Lee and Shepard, 1903). Bowdoin College offers an online collection guide to Kellogg's personal papers and those of his father (who was a trustee of Bowdoin).[3] Elijah Kellogg Church, Congregational in Harpswell, Maine (where he served as pastor) is now named for him.[4]


Kellogg began writing children's books in the 1860s, and was highly productive. While he is best known to students of rhetoric as the author of the once-popular monologue "Spartacus to the Gladiators at Capua" (written for a student competition while he was still an undergraduate at Bowdoin), he later produced several series of books. These include:

Elm Island Series[edit]

  • Lion Ben of Elm Island (1868)
  • Charlie Bell: The Waif of Elm Island (1868, copyright renewed 1896)
  • The Ark of Elm Island (1869)
  • The Boy Farmers of Elm Island (1869)
  • The Young Ship-Builders of Elm Island (1870)
  • The Hard-Scrabble of Elm Island (1870)

Pleasant Cove Series[edit]

  • Arthur Brown: The Young Captain (1870)
  • The Young Deliverers of Pleasant Cove (1871)
  • The Cruise of the Casco (1871)
  • The Child of the Island Glen (1872)
  • John Godsoe's Legacy (1873)
  • The Fisher Boys of Pleasant Cove (1874)

Whispering Pine Series[edit]

(Set at Bowdoin College, his alma mater, of which his father was later a trustee.)

  • The Spark of Genius; or, The College Life of James Trafton (1871)
  • The Sophomores of Radcliffe; or, James Trafton and His Bosom Friends (1871)
  • The Whispering Pine; or, the Graduates of Radcliffe Hall (1872)
  • Winning His Spurs; or, Henry Morton's First Trial (1872)
  • The Turning of the Tide; or, Radcliffe Rich and His Patients (1873)
  • A Stout Heart; or, the Student From Over the Sea (1873)

Forest Glen Series[edit]

  • Saved By the Wind; or, The Poor Boy's Future (1874)
  • Wolf Run; or, the Boys of the Wilderness (1875)
  • Brought to the Front; or, The Young Defenders (1875)
  • The Mission of Black Rifle; or, On the Trail (1876)
  • Forest Glen; or, the Mohawk's Friendship (1877)
  • Burying the Hatchet; or, the Young Brave of the Delawares (1878)

Good Old Times Series[edit]

  • Good Old Times; or, Grandfather's Struggle for a Homestead (1877, rev. 1905)
  • A Strong Arm and a Mother's Blessing (1880)
  • The Unseen Hand; or, James Renfew and His Boy Helpers (1881)
  • The Live Oak Boys; or, The Adventures of Richard Constable Afloat and Shore (1882)

Stand-alone books[edit]

  • Norman Cline (1869)


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