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Elinor DeWire

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Elinor DeWire at Cape Leuuwin Lighthouse, Australia, August 2000

Elinor DeWire (born August 3, 1953 in Frederick, Maryland)[1] is an American author, freelance writer, editor, public speaker, educator, and blogger based in Connecticut. DeWire writes both fiction and nonfiction, but is best known for her books about lighthouses and her work in lighthouse preservation and education. She occasionally writes under the pseudonyms J.J. Scott, Jessica Scott, and Aline Matthews.[1]

Early life and education


DeWire was born in Frederick, Maryland.



DeWire began her career as an author by writing freelance stories for a Florida newspaper. After selling a story about lighthouses to Mobil's Compass Magazine, she wrote her first book, Guide to Florida Lighthouses, which was published by Pineapple Press in 1987 and remains in print in its third edition.[2]

From 1991-2000 DeWire wrote two columns, "Lifelines" about the U.S. Lifesaving Service, and "Whale Oil and Wicks" about lighthouses, for the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration's Mariners Weather Log.

Since that time DeWire has authored some twenty books about lighthouses, including a series of illustrated, quick-reference e-books about lighthouses, the "Itty-Bitty-Kitty Guides". She has also written early Victorian-era novels, plus four books and a number of articles about amateur astronomy and sky watching[3] and an e-book about poultry.

She continues to contribute articles about lighthouses to magazines and newspapers,[4][5] including columns titled "Shore Almanac," "Away from the Bay," "Kids on the Beam," and "Liquidized Lore." She has been a regular contributor to Weatherwise Magazine, The Beachcomber, Lighthouse Digest", and The Keepers Log, journal of the U.S. Lighthouse Society. She maintains a blog that focuses on lighthouses and related nautical topics, and has written fiction for several magazines.[6]

DeWire is a public speaker about lighthouse history and lore, and she volunteers for several nonprofit groups devoted to lighthouse preservation and education. She is a member of the Board of Directors of the U.S. Lighthouse Society and chairs the Education Committee.</ref>[1][7][8]



DeWire's books Lighthouses of the Mid-Atlantic Coast and Lighthouses of the South have won the Ben Franklin Book Award and the Coast Guard Book Award. She was awarded a short fiction prize in 1992 from the National League of American Pen Women. She is also the recipient of the Coast Guard Meritorious Public Service Award.

Books by Elinor DeWire

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  • Journey through the Universe, Mystic Seaport Planetarium, 1989
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  • The Lighthouse Activity Book, Sentinel Publications, 1995; E-Z Nature Books, 2007 ISBN 0-945092-53-9
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  • The DeWire Guide to the Lighthouses of Alaska, Hawai'i and U.S. Pacific Territories, 2012 ISBN 978-1-937196-91-2[11]
  • The Funky Chicken: Memories, Truth and Tribute, Cat in the Window Press, 2013 ASIN: BOOFAS4U6W
  • Itty-Bitty-Kitty Guide to the Lighthouses of Georgia, Cat in the Window Press, 2014 ASIN: BOOIVTC118
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