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Not to be confused with Elliott baronets or Elliot baronets.

The Eliott Baronetcy, of Stobs in the County of Roxburgh, is a title in the Baronetage of Nova Scotia. It was created on 3 December 1666 for Gilbert Eliott. The third Baronet sat as Member of Parliament for Roxburghshire. The Eliott Baronets share a common early Elliot ancestry with the nearby Earls of Minto (Elliot). It is thought that the surname spelling differences were contrived to differentiate the branches. There is a genealogical book which includes this family – The Elliots: The Story of A Border Clan by The Dowager Lady Eliott of Stobbs and Sir Arthur Eliott, 11th Baronet, published in hardback (ISBN 0-85422-081-X) and later reprinted in soft cover.

The 2nd Baronet was a member of the pre-union Parliament of Scotland. The third baronet was a member of the Parliament of Great Britain for Roxburghshire.

George Augustus Eliott, 1st Baron Heathfield was the tenth son of the third Baronet.

Eliott baronets, of Stobs (1666)[edit]

  • Sir Gilbert Eliott, 1st Baronet (died 1677)
  • Sir William Eliott, 2nd Baronet (died 1699)
  • Sir Gilbert Eliott, 3rd Baronet (died 1764)
  • Sir John Eliott, 4th Baronet (1705–1767)
  • Sir Francis Eliott, 5th Baronet (died 1791)
  • Sir William Eliott, 6th Baronet (1767–1812)
  • Sir William Francis Eliott, 7th Baronet (1793–1864)
  • Sir William Eliott, 8th Baronet (1827–1910)
  • Sir Arthur Eliott, 9th Baronet (1856–1916)
  • Sir Gilbert Eliott, 10th Baronet (1886–1958)
  • Sir Arthur Eliott, 11th Baronet (1915–1989)
  • Sir Charles Eliott, 12th Baronet (born 1937)

The heir apparent of the baronetcy is the 12th Baronet's only son, Rodney Gilbert Charles Eliott of Stobs, younger (born 1966). His heir apparent is his only son, Steven Charles Eliott (born 1990).

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