Elisa Gabbai

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Elisa Gabbai
Born (1933-12-31)31 December 1933
Tel Aviv, Israel
Died 14 December 2010(2010-12-14) (aged 76)
Los Angeles
Genres Schlager, Cabaret songs, Jazz
Occupation(s) Singer
Years active 1951–1975, 1998

Elisa Gabbai was a German-singing Israeli singer who became famous in the late 1960s. Her genre is said to be Schlager.


Elisa Gabbai's mother was an Opera singer. Her father died very early in her life. She had her first small musical accomplishments in her homeland. In 1962, she shined in Israel with her first album containing 17 Israeli folk songs. In 1965, she became acknowledged as the singer of Switzerland, due to her extraordinary nightclub shows. There a music agent from Berlin heard her one night, with whom she signed a contract.


  • Songs of Old and New Tel Aviv (1953)
  • A: Winter in Canada – B: Nach Tahiti, Hawaii und Jamaica (1966)
  • A: Vorbei sind die Tränen – B: Was bin ich ohne dich (1966)
  • A: Nur wenn du bei mir bist – B: Die Liebe ist ein Lied (1966)
  • A: Zwei wie wir – B: Berge und Täler (1967)
  • A: Mama – B: Meine kleine Minka (1967)
  • A: Ein langes Leben lang – B: Tam-Tam-Tambourin (1967)
  • A: Gar kein Problem – B: Laß die Träume (1968)
  • במקצבים חדשים / New Rhythms (1968)

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