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Elise or Elyse may refer to:

Arts and entertainment[edit]

  • Elise, the unidentified person to whom Beethoven dedicated Für Elise
  • Elise, a 1979 speculative fiction novel by Ken Grimwood
  • Élise ou la vraie vie (Elise, or the Real Life), a 1967 novel by the French writer Claire Etcherelli
  • Élise ou la vraie vie (Elise, or Real Life), a 1970 French drama film based on the novel of the same name
  • Elyse (film), a 2020 American drama film
  • "Elise", an episode of the British television programme Foyle's War

People and fictional characters[edit]

  • Élise, a list of people and fictional characters with the given name Élise, Elise, Elize, or Elyse
  • Elise, a character who is Marceline the Vampire Queen's mother in the TV series Adventure Time
  • Christine Elise (born 1965), American actress
  • Elise Marilyn Jones (born 1997), American actress known professionally as Chloe Cherry
  • Kimberly Elise, (born 1967), American actress
  • Lily Elise (born 1991), American singer and songwriter


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