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Elisha is a prophet in the Hebrew Bible, the Quran, and Baha'i writings.

Other persons with the same given name include:


  • Elisha Gray (1835–1901), American electrical engineer considered by some to be the true inventor of the telephone
  • Elisha Otis (1811–1861), American industrialist, founder of the Otis Elevator Company, and inventor of an elevator safety device

Politicians and lawyers[edit]

  • Elisha Hunt Allen (1804–1883), American congressman, lawyer and diplomat, and Chief Justice of the Kingdom of Hawaii Supreme Court and diplomat for the Kingdom of Hawaii
  • Elisha Baxter (1827-1899), tenth Governor of Arkansas
  • Elisha Cooke, Sr. (1637–1715), physician, politician, and businessman, elected Speaker of the Massachusetts House of Representatives
  • Elisha Cooke, Jr. (1678-1837), physician and politician from the Province of Massachusetts Bay; son of the above
  • Elisha Dyer (1811-1890), American politician and 25th Governor of Rhode Island
  • Elisha Dyer, Jr. (1839–1906), American politician and 45th Governor of Rhode Island; son of the above
  • Elisha P. Ferry (1825–1895), twice Governor of the Washington Territory and the first Governor of the State of Washington
  • Elisha Harris (1791-1861), 20th Governor of Rhode Island
  • Elisha Kane (1820-1857), American explorer and medical officer
  • Elisha Litchfield (1785-1859), American merchant and member of the USS House of Representatives from New York
  • Elisha Mathewson (1767–1853), US Senator from Rhode Island
  • Elisha Payne (1731-1807), American businessman and politician
  • Elisha McCallion (born 1982), Irish female Sinn Féin politician
  • Elisha Marshall Pease (1812–1883), fifth and thirteenth Governor of Texas
  • Elisha Reynolds Potter (1764–1835), Federalist Party US Congressman and Speaker in the Rhode Island State Assembly
  • Elisha R. Potter (1811–1882), justice of the Rhode Island Supreme Court and member of the US House of Representatives; son of the above
  • Elisha Williams (1694–1755), Congregational minister, legislator, jurist and rector of Yale College


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