Elizabeth Sandunova

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Elizabeth Sandunova

Elizabeth S. Sandunova née Uranova (1772/76 – 3 December 1826), was a Russian Empire stage actress and operatic mezzo-soprano. Wife of Sila Sandunov.


She was an opera student of Giovanni Paisiello and Vicente Martín-i-Soler, and an actor student of Ivan Dmitrevsky at the theatre school of Saint Petersburg. She debuted in 1790. She was considered not only to have a wonderful operatic voice, but also to be a talented dramatic actress.

In 1791, she married at the royal chapel in the presence of the empress Catherine the Great.

In 1794–1812, she was active in Moscow, where she made a huge success in a patriotic opera during the war of 1812. She returned to Saint Petersburg in 1813.


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