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Elkanah is a figure in the Book of Samuel, the husband of Hannah and father of Samuel.

Elkanah may also refer to:

  • A Levite, ancestor of a certain Berechiah. (1 Chronicles 9: 16)
  • A Levite, son of the rebellious Korah and brother of Abiasaph. (Exodus 6: 24)
  • A Levite, descendant of Korah, who "came to David at Ziklag while he was still under restrictions because of Saul." (1 Chronicles chapter 12)
  • A Levite, descendant from Korah through Abiasaph, mentioned as the great grandfather of the next. (1 Chronicles chapter 6)
  • A Levite, mentioned as the great great great grandfather of Elkanah, Samuel's father.
  • One of the gatekeepers of the Ark of the Covenant, when David transferred it to Jerusalem. (1 Chronicles chapter 15)
  • An official in king Ahaz' court. (2 Chronicles chapter 28)

See also Elkana or Elqana, Jewish settlement in the northern West Bank.

Elknanah/Elkana can also be a surname or a male forename.

Some notable people with the first name Elkanah:

Some notable people surnamed Elkana:

  • Amos Elkana (born 1967) Israeli composer, guitarist and electronic musician
  • Yehuda Elkana (1934-2012) Israeli historian and philosopher of science, President of the Central European University in Budapest.