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Ellis Kolchin
Born(1916-04-18)April 18, 1916
DiedOctober 30, 1991(1991-10-30) (aged 75)
New York City, USA
Alma materColumbia University
Known forLie–Kolchin theorem
Kolchin topology
Scientific career
InstitutionsColumbia University
Doctoral advisorJoseph Ritt
Doctoral studentsAzriel Rosenfeld
Irving Adler

Ellis Robert Kolchin (April 18, 1916 – October 30, 1991) was an American mathematician at Columbia University. Kolchin earned a doctorate in mathematics from Columbia University in 1941 under supervision of Joseph Ritt. He was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship in 1954 and 1961.

Kolchin worked on differential algebra and its relation to differential equations, and founded the modern theory of linear algebraic groups. His doctoral students include Azriel Rosenfeld and Irving Adler.

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