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Elmer Lewis Greensfelder (February 7, 1892 in Baltimore, Maryland – ?), a playwright and inventor. In 1911 he graduated from Johns Hopkins University, and later he used his degree to serve in World War I.[1]


In 1932 Elmer Greensfelder won a contest from the Drama League of America for his play Broomsticks-Amen!.[2] Greensfelder also wrote the play Half Past Heaven.[3] Some of his other plays include The Saints Draws a Daggar, The Crocodile Chuckles, Six Stokers Who Own the Bloomin' Earth, and Mark Twain.[4]


Greensfelder was an inventor with numerous approved patents, including one for "Method and Apparatus For Synchronously Producing Sounds To Accompany Motion Pictures". This patent was a system that would make sound automatically play while a motion picture was playing.[5] Other patents include "Changeable Profile Toy"[6] and "Loose Leaf Binder".[7]


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