Elmhurst School for Boys

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Coordinates: 51°21′50″N 0°05′32″W / 51.36389°N 0.09224°W / 51.36389; -0.09224

Elmhurst School for Boys
Edenhurst School for Boys logo.jpg
Type independent, preparatory
Headteacher Mr C. South
Location 44-48 South Park Hill Road
South Croydon
Gender co-educational
Ages 4–11
Houses Scott (blue), Peachell (green), Squire (yellow), Anderson (red)
Colours Blue, red, yellow               

Elmhurst School for Boys is an independent day preparatory and pre-preparatory boys' school in South Croydon, England.[1] It is the successor to two schools both founded in 1869.


The school has its origins in two educational establishments dating from 1869. In that year Allen Carr and his wife opened a school for young boys in Croydon. He died in 1875 and his widow, Elizabeth, continued the school. In 1885 she bought an empty property called "Elmhurst" in St Peter's Road, South Croydon, and moved the school there. The other 1869 foundation was opened by Clarissa Prince at her father's house, "The Chalet", Croydon. She was assisted by her sister Florence and others. In the 1880s their pupils included the young P.G. Wodehouse and his two elder brothers. In 1894 the sisters bought Elmhurst from Elizabeth Carr and moved their school there. They called their establishment "Elmhurst School, for the Sons of Gentlemen".[2]

The previous Principal, Henry Wickham, who bought the school in 2009, is the husband of the author Sophie Kinsella.[3] Bellevue Education bought the school in October 2013.[4]


The Elmhurst curriculum incorporates the National Curriculum,[5] which is followed throughout the school at Key Stages 1 and 2 in Maths, English, Science and Technology (including Computer Studies), History, Geography, Art, Music and PE. The National Curriculum is extended by the school's own syllabus and schemes of work in these subjects. Religious Education is also taught with the emphasis on Moral Education, the principles being the same for all religions. French is taught throughout the school.

School houses[edit]

Elmhurst School for Boys has four school houses: Scott (blue), Peachell (green), Squire (yellow), Anderson (red). The names of the houses are the surnames of past owners of the school. [6]

Notable old boys[edit]

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