Eloy Alquinta

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Eloy Alquinta
Born (1971-06-22)June 22, 1971
Santiago, Chile
Died March 15, 2004(2004-03-15) (aged 32)
Nationality Chilean
Occupation Musician

Eloy Alquinta Ross (22 de junio de 1971 - Santiago, 15 de marzo de 2004) was a Chilean musician. He was a member of the band Los Jaivas and Huaika.

Early life[edit]

Eloy was the son of guitarist and vocalist Eduardo "Gato" Aquinta. His brothers Moisés, Ankatu and Aurora Alquinta are also musicians.

His musical talent developed under the influence of his father and friends. He learned to play the saxophone (alto, soprano and tenor), the trutruca and cultrun . His first band, Huaika, was formed in 1995 with his brother Ankatu and four others ( Francis and John Paul Bosco, Leo and Jorge Yáñez ).

Huaika released two albums, Forgotten Magic ( 1996, produced by Jack Alquinta ) and Full Life ( 2000 ).


On March 15th of 2004, aged 33, Eloy suffered a heart attack and died. His death was one year after his father's death. Many condolences were send from all the Chilean musical people. When Huaika edits El Rito on 2005, the band dedicate the album to their dead group partner, and Los Jaivas replace Eloy with his band partner Francisco Bosco, who now is a member of both groups.

Eloy left a widow and two children.