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Elsa Zgheib
Occupation Actress
Years active 2003 - Present

Elsa Zgheib إلسا زغيب is a Lebanese actress, born in Amsheet, Lebanon, February 1, 1981.

Early Life and Career Beginning[edit]

Elsa studied and graduated high school at Saint Coeur Jbeil in 1998, and then studied theater in the Lebanese University and graduated in 2002. Elsa Zgheib has first appeared in some theater plays, like "Kama Aala El Ard Kazalika fi el Samaa'" (كما على الارض كذلك في السماء) as a dancer first, then she acted in a kids' play "Bayyaa Al Ahlam" (بياع الأحلام).

Career Development[edit]

2003 - 2007: TV debut, teaching and commercials[edit]

Zgheib's television debut was in "Min Ahla Byout Rass Bayrout" من أحلى بيوت راس بيروت (Season 2) on LBC and played the role of a reporter. Elsa then started teaching theater in several schools until 2007. Later, she started filming commercials for Lebanon and the Arab World for various products such as Arial, Kit Kat, Pizza Hut, ...

2008 - Present: TV series comeback, Studio El Fan[edit]

In 2008, Elsa made a comeback to the small screen with small roles in several series starting with "Hawwa' fil Tarikh" ( حوّاء في التّاريخ) and the "Mafkoudin" (مفقودين) group series. Later on, Elsa filmed several series such as "Mouabbad" (مؤبد )which aired in late 2009 on Future TV. Other projects for Elsa included "Kadiyyat Youssef Chaaban" ( قضية يوسف شعبان) (LBC). Elsa played her first leading role in "Arlette and Edward" (أرليت و ادوار) (AL JADEED TV) in 2010.[1] And later in that same year, Zgheib took part in the series "Min Ajli Aaynayha"[2] ( من أجل عينيها) on OTV, and in which she played the role of Salwa.

And after being rumored [3] to be presenting the newest season of TV's hit show "Studio El Fan" (استديو الفن), it has been confirmed that Zgheib has got the job. The show made its comeback on November 27, 2009, on MTV Lebanon [4][5] until June 2010.

In November 2010, Zgheib was announced to be taking the lead role in a Lebanese TV drama named "Hiya wa Hiya" ( هي و هي ) opposite Lebanese actor Ammar Chalak which aired on both Future TV and OTV.[6] Elsa also took part in the second part of "Al Ghaliboun" (2 الغالبون) which aired in Ramadan 2012.[7] In the same year, Elsa Zgheib starred in "Jana Al Omer" (جنى العمر), which aired on "Future Television" [8] and Al Jadeed in January 2013. Elsa will star in "Kiyamat Al Banadek" (قيامة البنادق) during Ramadan 2013.[9]


Year Title Role Notes
2003 من أحلى بيوت راس بيروت
2008 حوّاء في التّاريخ
2009 مؤبد
قضية يوسف شعبان
2010 أرليت و ادوار Arlette - Main Role
من أجل عينيها Salwa
Studio El Fan Host 2009-2010 Season
2011 هي و هي Dima - Main Role Aired on Future TV and OTV
2012 2 الغالبون Batoul
جنى العمر Salma - Main Role Also aired on Al Jadeed in January 2013; Nominated for "Best Leading Actress" at the 2013 Murex D'Or.
2013 قيامة البنادق Souaad

Other projects[edit]

Elsa established her own agency, "The Divas", in 2008, for hosts and hostesses for events, weddings...[10]


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