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Directed by Nils R. Müller
Written by Terje Stigen (novel)
Starring Ingerid Vardund
George Fant
Wenche Myhre
Pål Skjønberg
Gisle Straume
Jan Voigt
Kjersti Døvigen
Aud Schønemann
Release date
Norway 1963
Running time
97 minutes
Country Norway
Language Norwegian

Elskere (English: Lovers) is a 1963 Norwegian drama film directed by Nils R. Müller, starring Ingerid Vardund and Wenche Myhre. Ludvina (Vardund) is considered a woman of loose morals in her small home town, and her only real friend is the orphaned girl Grethe (Myhre). When Ludvina becomes pregnant, she decides to raise the child without the help of a man.

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