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Emanuele Appiani (c. 1380 – February 15, 1457) was Prince of Piombino during the Appiani dynasty in the Renaissance.

He was born in Pisa, the son of Iacopo I Appiani, and followed his brother Gherardo to Piombino when he became lord of the Tuscan city. When Gherardo died, he remained in the court but the lordship was inherited by his son Iacopo II, under the tutorage his mother Paola Colonna.

When Iacopo II died, despite Emanuele was the last living Appiani male, she kept the seigniory, thanks to the support of her son-in-law, the condottiero Rinaldo Orsini. When Paola died, the latter inherited the title under his daughter Caterina Appiani. In reply Emanuele married in 1445 to Colia de' Giudici, illegitimate daughter of King Alfonso V of Naples, who marched to Piombino with an army. Orsini died of plague, followed soon afterwards by Caterina, and Emanuele could enter Piombino in 1452 after being elected lord by the city's Elders.

He died at Piombino in 1457, being succeeded by his son Iacopo.

Preceded by
Caterina Appiani
Prince of Piombino
Succeeded by
Iacopo III Appiani