El Yeso Dam

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El Yeso
Laguna Negra y Embalse El Yeso.jpg
Aerial view of El Yeso (right) and Laguna Negra during the summer.
Coordinates 33°39′S 70°04′W / 33.650°S 70.067°W / -33.650; -70.067Coordinates: 33°39′S 70°04′W / 33.650°S 70.067°W / -33.650; -70.067 [1]
Type reservoir
Primary inflows Yeso River
Primary outflows Yeso River
Basin countries Chile
Surface elevation 2,568 [2]
References [1]

El Yeso is a reservoir located in the Andes, in the Santiago Metropolitan Region, Chile. It is formed by the damming of Yeso River, part of Maipo River basin. The reservoir has a capacity of 250,000,000 m³.[3]

El Yeso reservoir, along with the nearby Laguna Negra, are a major source of drinking water for Santiago.

Its turquoise waters are suitable for fishing and windsurfing.


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