Embassy of Romania, Chișinău

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Embassy of Romania in Chișinău
Location Chișinău
Address 66/1, Bucureşti Str.
Ambassador Marius Lazurcă

The Embassy of Romania in Chișinău (Romanian: Ambasada României în Republica Moldova) is the diplomatic mission of Romania to Moldova. The embassy is located in Central Chișinău, at 66/1 Bucureşti Street.


Romania was the first state to recognize the independence of Moldova on August 27, 1991. The Romanian embassy was the first diplomatic mission in Chișinău and was opened on January 20, 1992.

Filip Teodorescu (born December 26, 1951) was appointed as the Romanian ambassador to Chișinău in March 2003 and arrived at post in April 2003. After postelectoral violences from 7 April 2009, Moldovan President Vladimir Voronin announced that Romanian ambassador in Chișinău Filip Teodorescu was declared persona non grata and had 24 hours to leave the Moldovan territory. The following day, the Romanian parliament nominated a senior diplomat, Mihnea Constantinescu, as the new ambassador to Moldova,[1] but two weeks later, the Moldovan government rejected him without any explanation, deepening the crisis.[2]

Romania's Consul to Chișinău, Ion Nuică, forwarded his resignation on July 13, 2009, after a tape in which he was surprised in intimate scenes with a woman, supposedly employee at the Romanian Consulat in Chișinău.[3]

On February 9, 2010, the Romanian Parliament approved a new ambassador to Moldova.[4] The new ambassador Marius Lazurcă (b. 1971, Timişoara) has a PhD in history-anthropology from Paris-Sorbonne University and was ambassador to Holy See.[5][6]


Name Took office Left office
Marius Lazurcă 2010
Filip Teodorescu 2003 2009
Adrian Bălănescu 2001 2003
Victor Bârsan 1999 2001
Nichita Danilov 1999 1999
Marcel Dinu 1997 1999

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