Embrace Today

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Embrace Today
Origin Boston, MA, USA
Genres Metalcore (later)
Youth Crew (early)
Years active 1998–2006
Labels Deathwish Inc.
Members Steve Peacock
Scott Peacock
Scott Wilde
Andy Vickery
Ben Fowers

Embrace Today were an American straight edge metalcorehardcore punk band from Boston, Massachusetts. They have toured with such bands as Bleeding Through, Champion, Bury Your Dead, Ion Dissonance, Premonitions of War, Since The Flood, and Haste the Day. Based on their 2002 release "FxYxIxE," ExT is perhaps best known for a militant straight edge approach during their live shows and for creating a "Fuck You I'm Edge" mentality within the hardcore scene. They are often considered the heir apparent to Syracuse, Straight Edge juggernauts Earth Crisis. Embrace Today was considered one of the hardest-working bands of their time having toured non-stop for years. Though the band members support the NRA (National Rifle Association), Right to Life, Glenn Beck, and many other right wing causes and personalities, they have always maintained an apolitical approach to their music.[citation needed]


  • ...For the Kids (1999, Good Intention Records)
  • Breaking the Code of Silence (2000, Shore's Edge Records)
  • FxYxIxE (Fuck You I'm Edge) (2002, The Life Recording Company)
  • Soldiers (2003, Deathwish Inc.)
  • We Are The Enemy (2005, Deathwish Inc.)


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