Emerald Cave (Thailand)

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Emerald Cave (Thailand)
Entrance to Emerald Cave.
Location Thailand The west coast of Muk Island
(Kantang District, Trang, Thailand)
Length 80 m
Geology Sea cave

Emerald Cave (Thai: ถ้ำมรกต, Tham Morakot) is a cave located on the west coast of Muk Island,[1] which is in the Kantang District of Trang Province of Southern Thailand.[2]

The cave has a narrow 80m long tunnel. The cave can be entered either by swimming or by using a small boat. Access is only possible during low tide.[3]

Outside the cave, there is a lagoon which is surrounded by tropical plants and a beach. The name of the cave is derived from the phenomenon that occurs, when the sun shines on the water, which reflects colored light all over the cave’s wall.[4] This can only be seen between 10.00 am and 2.00 pm.

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Coordinates: 7°22′09″N 99°17′02″E / 7.3692°N 99.2838°E / 7.3692; 99.2838