Emerson Smith

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Emerson Smith
Birth name Emerson Arthur Lincoln Smith
Born (1896-09-07)7 September 1896
York, Ontario, Canada
Allegiance Canada
Service/branch Royal Flying Corps
Royal Air Force
Years of service 1916-
Rank 2nd Lieutenant
Unit No. 45 Squadron RFC/RAF

2nd Lieutenant Emerson Smith was a Canadian flying ace during the First World War. World War I. He was credited with seven aerial victories, six while flying a Sopwith Camel. He was shot down and wounded in October 1917 and captured.

Early life[edit]

Smith was born in York, Ontario on 7 September 1896.[1]

First World War[edit]

In April 1916 Smith enlisted in the East Kootenay Regiment, transferring to Royal Flying Corps on 5 February 1917.[2] After completing flying training in Canada was commissioned on 16 June 1917 and posted on 12 August 1917 to "A" Flight of 45 Squadron RFC on the Western Front.[2]

Only nine days after joining the squadron Smith helped to destroy a German Albatros scout aircraft, both he and his observer fired at the Albatros and it broke up in the air and crashed.[2] Now flying the Sopwith Camel, the flight were on patrol and engaged 15 Albatros scout aircraft, Smith shot down two.[2] The next day Smith was on an offensive patrol with the flight and they engaged with two DFW and five Albatros aircraft, Smith fired over a hundred rounds into one of Scouts sending it crashing out of control.[2] On 20 September 2nd Lieutenant Moody and Brownell each dived on a German Albatros and fired at it until it dived away, Smith followed the aircraft down firing at it until it went down in flames, they shared the victory.[2] Smith's next victory was on 22 September 1917 over Comines, after the patrol engaged 20 Albatros scouts Smith shot one down out of control.[2] His last victory was on 1 October 1917 when he shot down another Albatross out of control.[2]

On 26 October 1917 he was shot down by Joachim von Busse of Jasta 3, he was wounded and crashed, being captured by the Germans.[1]

List of aerial victories[edit]

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No. Date/time Aircraft Foe Result Location Notes
1 21 August 1917 @ 1000 Sopwith 1½ Strutter Albatros D.III Destroyed South East of Ypres Observer/gunner: H Grenner[1]
2 9 September 1917 @ 1630 Sopwith Camel Albatros C Destroyed Comines [1]
3 9 September 1917 @ 1635 Sopwith Camel Albatros C Driven down out of control Three miles east of Ypres [1]
4 10 September 1917 @ 1730 Sopwith Camel Albatros D.III Driven down out of control Houthoulst Forest [1]
5 20 September 1917 @ 1825 Sopwith Camel German aircraft Destroyed in flames Passchendaele Shared with Lts Henry Moody and Raymond Brownell[1]
6 21 September 1917 @ 1840 Sopwith Camel Albatros D.V Driven down out of control Passchendaele [1]
7 1 October 1917 @ 1220 Sopwith Camel Albatros D.V Driven down out of control Quesnoy [1]


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