Emi Kuroda

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Emi Kuroda
Native name 黒田エミ
Born 1978 (age 38–39)[citation needed]
Hirakata, Osaka, Japan[1]
Nationality Japanese
Other names Misuzu Akimoto
Height 1.60 m (5 ft 3 in)[1]
Weight 52 kg (115 lb; 8.2 st)[1]

Emi Kuroda (Japanese: 黒田エミ?, Hepburn: Kuroda Emi) a.k.a. Misuzu Akimoto (秋元美鈴?, Akimoto Misuzu) is an AV and pink film actress who was born in Osaka in 1978.[citation needed] She is best known for playing the title role in director Mitsuru Meike's The Glamorous Life of Sachiko Hanai (2003).

Early career[edit]

Emi Kuroda started her AV career in 2000 under the name Misuzu Akimoto.[2] Often playing high school girl roles, she starred in such films as Virtual Sexpot and several volumes of Paradise of Japan[2] which were released by Oriental Dream for the American market and so were "uncensored", not using mosaic pixelation to obscure the genitals.[3] In 2002 she changed her stage name to Emi Kuroda and by 2003 had appeared in more than 200 films.[2]

With no previous theatrical acting experience, Kuroda was chosen to star in director Mitsuru Meike's 2003 pink film, The Glamorous Life of Sachiko Hanai.[4] The film gained a cult following and became a surprise international hit, playing at 20 film festivals and having a theatrical release in the U.S. in 2006.[5] As part of the film's tour of international film festivals, Kuroda was invited to speak at the PIA Film Festival in July 2005.[6][7] One reviewer commented that the film was boosted by "Emi Kuroda's skilled erotic contortions (as well as by her ability to rattle off her pseudo-intellectual dialogue as though she understands it)."[8]


In 2004, Kuroda was arrested for public indecency as a patron in a sexual fantasy bar.[2] Also in 2004, she appeared in the V-Cinema erotic comedy Bin Bin (BIN×BIN 忍者ハメ撮りくん?) directed by Takao Nakano and released by TMC.[9]

Martial Arts Career[edit]

It was Takao Nakano (who also wrote the screenplay for Sachiko Hanai) who introduced Kuroda to cat-fights, and she joined his cat-fight club "Galshocker" under the name "Rolling Thunder". She left her screen and video work to start up a career as a martial arts fighter.[1][10] Her record for the 2005 season was one win and three losses.[11] In her martial arts career, she attained third-ranking amateur Shoot Boxing Bantamweight.[2]

Partial filmography[edit]

Released[12] Video title Company Director With Notes
2002-05-14 Paradise Of Japan Vol.4 Oriental Dream
Yui Koike, Haruka Harada, Eriko Shimada & Hiro Yazawa Uncensored
2002-07-16 Paradise Of Japan Vol.6 Oriental Dream
Yui Koike, Miko Matsunaga & Hiro Yazawa Uncensored
2002-08-13 Paradise Of Japan Vol.7 Oriental Dream
Yui Koike, Haruka Yamada, Miho Matsunaga, Eriko Shimada & Hiro Yazawa Uncensored
2002-09-24 Paradise Of Japan Vol.8 Oriental Dream
Haruka Harada, Misuzu Akimoto, Miho Matsunaga, Eriko Shimada & Hiro Yazawa Uncensored
2002-11-05 Paradise Of Japan Vol.9 Oriental Dream
Kiyoka Sugiura & Nana Mizuno Uncensored
2002-12-24 Paradise Of Japan Vol.12 Oriental Dream
Kiyoka Sugiura, Rina Takemura, Rumi Yazawa, Sayaka Tateishi & Nana Mizuno Uncensored
2003-01-07 Paradise Of Japan Vol.13 Oriental Dream
Rumi Yazawa & Kiyoka Sugiura Uncensored
2003-01-28 Paradise Of Japan Vol.14 Oriental Dream
Sayaka Tateishi, Nana Mizuno, Kiyoka Sugiura, Rina Takemura & Rumi Yazawa Uncensored
2004-06-15 The Mensetsu Oriental Dream
Hiro Yazawa, Noa Sakuragi, Marimo & Matsunaga Miho Uncensored


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