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Emi Kuroda
Born 1978 (age 37–38)
Osaka, Japan[1]
Other names Misuzu Akimoto
Ethnicity Japanese
Height 1.60 m (5 ft 3 in)
Weight 52 kg (115 lb; 8.2 st)

Emi Kuroda (黒田エミ Kuroda Emi?) aka Misuzu Akimoto (秋元美鈴 Akimoto Misuzu?) is an AV and pink film actress who was born in Osaka in 1978. She is best known for playing the title role in director Mitsuru Meike's The Glamorous Life of Sachiko Hanai (2003).

Life and career[edit]

Emi Kuroda started her AV career in 2000 under the name Misuzu Akimoto.[2] Often playing high school girl roles, she starred in such films as Virtual Sexpot and several volumes of Paradise of Japan[2] which were released by Oriental Dream for the American market and so were "uncensored" unlike the usual Japanese porn videos which use a mosaic pixelation to obscure the genitals.[3] In 2002 she changed her stage name to Emi Kuroda and by 2003 had appeared in more than 200 films.[2]

With no previous theatrical acting experience, Kuroda was chosen to star in director Mitsuru Meike's 2003 pink film, The Glamorous Life of Sachiko Hanai.[4] The film gained a cult following and became a surprise international hit, playing at 20 film festivals and having a theatrical release in the U.S. in 2006.[5] As part of the film's tour of international film festivals, Kuroda was invited to speak at the PIA Film Festival in July 2005.[6][7] One reviewer commented that the film was boosted by "Emi Kuroda's skilled erotic contortions (as well as by her ability to rattle off her pseudo-intellectual dialogue as though she understands it)."[8]

In 2004, Kuroda was arrested for public indecency as a patron in a sexual fantasy bar.[2] Also in 2004, she appeared in the V-Cinema erotic comedy Bin Bin (BIN×BIN 忍者ハメ撮りくん?) directed by Takao Nakano and released by TMC.[9]

It was Takao Nakano (who also wrote the screenplay for Sachiko Hanai) who introduced Kuroda to cat-fights, and she joined his cat-fight club "Galshocker" under the name "Rolling Thunder". She left her screen and video work to start up a career as a martial arts fighter.[10] Her record for the 2005 season was one win and three losses.[11] In her martial arts career she attained third-ranking amateur Shoot Boxing Bantamweight.[2]

Partial filmography[edit]

Released[12] Video title Company Director Notes
2002-05-14 Paradise Of Japan Vol.4 Oriental Dream
With Yui Koike, Haruka Harada, Eriko Shimada & Hiro Yazawa
2002-07-16 Paradise Of Japan Vol.6 Oriental Dream
With Yui Koike, Miko Matsunaga & Hiro Yazawa
2002-08-13 Paradise Of Japan Vol.7 Oriental Dream
With Yui Koike, Haruka Yamada, Miho Matsunaga, Eriko Shimada & Hiro Yazawa
2002-09-24 Paradise Of Japan Vol.8 Oriental Dream
With Haruka Harada, Misuzu Akimoto, Miho Matsunaga, Eriko Shimada & Hiro Yazawa
2002-11-05 Paradise Of Japan Vol.9 Oriental Dream
With Kiyoka Sugiura & Nana Mizuno
2002-12-24 Paradise Of Japan Vol.12 Oriental Dream
With Kiyoka Sugiura, Rina Takemura, Rumi Yazawa, Sayaka Tateishi & Nana Mizuno
2003-01-07 Paradise Of Japan Vol.13 Oriental Dream
With Rumi Yazawa & Kiyoka Sugiura
2003-01-28 Paradise Of Japan Vol.14 Oriental Dream
With Sayaka Tateishi, Nana Mizuno, Kiyoka Sugiura, Rina Takemura & Rumi Yazawa
2004-06-15 The Mensetsu Oriental Dream
With Hiro Yazawa, Noa Sakuragi, Marimo & Matsunaga Miho


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