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Emil Orgetorix Gustav Forrer (also Emilio O. Forrer; German: [ˈfɔʀɐ]; 19 February 1894, Straßburg, Alsace-Lorraine – 10 January 1986, San Salvador) was a Swiss Assyriologist and pioneering Hittitologist. [1]

Moreover, Emil Forrer developed a deviant interdisciplinary field of research ("Meropisforschung"), based on textual fragments of the Greek historian Theopompus of Chios, and dealing with assumed pre- or protohistoric contacts between the Old- and the New World. [2] Antithetic to the prevailing academic school of thought, Forrer advocated the idea that Theopomp´s "Meropis" was not a fictional place, but an actually existing geographic entity.


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