Émile Braun

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Émile Braun
Emile Baron Braun.JPG
Baron Braun
Born (1849-12-02)2 December 1849
Nivelles, Walloon Brabant, Belgium
Died 30 August 1927(1927-08-30) (aged 77)
Vichy, Belgium
Nationality Belgium
Occupation industrialist, politician

Émile, Baron Braun (2 December 1849 – 30 August 1927) was an engineer, Belgian liberal politician and manager of companies in the textile industry.[1][2]

He was provincial Council member for Oost-Vlaanderen (1891–1898), burgomaster of Ghent (1895–1921) and a member of parliament (1900–1925) for the liberal party. While he was burgomaster, the World Fair of Ghent took place in 1913-1914. Emile Braun was raised to nobility in 1922. The people from Ghent gave him the nickname Miele Zoetekoeke i.e. Emile sweet-cake.



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