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Emily Benet is a London-based author who has Welsh and Spanish parents. She moved between London and Barcelona in her childhood.[1]

Writing career[edit]

Benet has written three notable books, Shopgirl Diaries, Spray Painted Bananas, and "#PleaseRetweet". Spray Painted Bananas was republished in September 2014 by Harper Impulse, an imprint of Harper Collins and renamed the Temp.[2] #PleaseRetweet is her latest book, published in August 2015.

She lists herself as a Wattpad sensation after her book received over one million hits, which led to her signing with a literary agent: MBA. She has a two-book deal with Harper Impulse.

ShopGirl Diaries[edit]

Her debut novel, Shopgirl diaries, began as a blog about working in her parents' chandelier shop and was commissioned as a book by Salt Publishing. It was also made into a short film starring Blake Harrison from the Inbetweeners, Katy Wix and Annette Badland.[3] The short film was selected for The London Short Film Festival in January 2014.


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