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Emily Devenport is an American science fiction writer, known for the six novels she wrote under her name, the one novel written under the pseudonym Maggy Thomas[1] and the two novels set in the fictitious Belarus planet that she wrote under the pseudonym Lee Hogan.

She was a finalist for the Philip K. Dick Award for best novel, with her 2000 novel Broken Time.[2]

The Belarus novels introduce the concept of the "Enemies", a sadistic humanoid race at war with human colonists in a distant future.


Written as Emily Devenport[edit]

  • Shade (1991)
  • Larissa (1993)
  • Scorpianne (1994)
  • Eggheads (1996)
  • The Kronos Condition (1997)
  • Godheads (1998)

Written as Maggy Thomas[edit]

  • Broken Time (2000)

Written as Lee Hogan[edit]

  • Belarus (2002)
  • Enemies (2003)


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