Emmanuel Anebsa

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Emmanuel Anebsa
Emmanuel Anesba in 2012.jpg
Background information
Birth nameSteven Emmanuel Wilks
Born27 November 1972
OriginBristol, U.K and Jamaica
Years active1999-present
Associated actsJunior Kelly, Earl "Chinna" Smith, Anthony B.

Emmanuel Anebsa is a singer, songwriter and producer from the United Kingdom. He has recorded over 30 albums, all independently produced.[1][2]

Early life[edit]

Anebsa, born Steven Emmanuel Wilks[1] grew up in St Paul's in Bristol in the 1970s and 1980s, the child of a Jamaican father, Bertram Wilks, and an English mother.[3] He was raised by his father, Bertram,[2] who was the owner of the Black And White Cafe in Bristol, which was his introduction to reggae music.[1] Reggae stars such as U-Roy, Big Youth and Prince Fari passed through the cafe, and Anebsa grew up listening to artists such as Papa Toyan, Eek-A-Mouse and Peter Metro as well as Yellow Man, Dennis Brown and Gregory Issacs.[2] He was nine years old when he came home from school to find the cafe being raided.[3] After continual police invasions, the cafe finally closed for good in 2004.[2]

Musical career[edit]

As well as recording over 30 albums, Anebsa has produced and collaborated on songs with artists such as Junior Kelly.[4] Earl "Chinna" Smith,[2] and Anthony B.[5]

Personal life[edit]


Anebsa was born Steven Emmanuel Wilks, but changed his name to Negus Emmanuel Anebsa to "release himself from Babylon bondage" and has used the name Emmanuel Anebsa professionally ever since.[2] He rejects his British background and considers himself Jamaican.[2] He considers his music a form of activism, designed to combat the "stinging crush of white oppression".[3] He traces his what he terms his "afro-consciousness" back to witnessing the police raids on his father's cafe, which he believes were racially motivated.[2]



  • U Gotta Believe (2000)[6]
  • It's a Shame (2001)[7]
  • Smiling (2005)[8]
  • Tears (2005)[8]
  • Brightest Night (2006)[8]
  • He loves You (2008)[8]
  • You Are The Sunshine (2008)[8]
  • Blow myself Away (2008)[8]
  • Build a Sofa (2008)[8]
  • You Can't Save Me (2008)[8]
  • To Be Humble (2008)[8]
  • Brother Faith (2009)[8]
  • With You (2009)[8]
  • Pressure Like Me (2009)[8]
  • Voix ala Guitare (2010)[8]
  • Love Them (2010)[8]
  • Mr Nobody (2010)[8]
  • Vibes (2011)[8]
  • Making Me Sick (2011)[8]
  • Shoeshine Boy (2011)[8]
  • Won't go Away (2012)[8]
  • We Got Problems (2012)[8]
  • You cause Pain (2013)[8]
  • Fighting (2016)[8]
  • Revolution (2016)[8]
  • Ghetto Beats (2016)[8]
  • Love Songs (2016)[8]

Singles & EPs[edit]

  • Why Do I Feel This Way - EP (1999)[8]
  • Doniki - Fly to Zion - 7" (2005)[8]
  • Friends Now - EP (2008)[8]
  • Iona (2016)[8]
  • One Woman Man (2017)[8]
  • Black People (2017)[8]
  • We Wear It Well (Unknown)[8]

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