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Emo Oil Ltd
Petrol station
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OwnerDCC Plc
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Emo station in Sligo, Ireland

Emo Oil is an Irish oil distribution brand that is based in Portlaoise and is named after a village called Emo in County Laois, Ireland. Emo Oil is owned by DCC Plc[1] and also has operations in Northern Ireland and Great Britain.

Operations in the Republic of Ireland[edit]

Emo Oil operates out of several regional depots and petrol filling stations throughout the Republic of Ireland. It significantly expanded its operations in 1999, to include retail from filling stations with the purchase of the Burmah Fuels filling station network. Recently, Emo Oil has celebrated its 35th birthday.

DCC plc also own the nominally competing filling station franchise GreatGas, having bought it in 2009. However, there appears to be no plans to integrate this with Emo, as new GreatGas locations have continued to open.

Emo Oil supplies all grades of oil to several sectors including distributors, petrol stations, commercial enterprises and direct to home heating oil users through its Emo Direct operation. Their coverage currently includes Dublin, Limerick, Westmeath, Mayo, Meath, Offaly, Kildare, Carlow, Kilkenny and Laois. The company offers 24-hour delivery, co-operative and helpful drivers, aftercare services, online ordering, and the option to pay through the post office or any Post Point location (a service currently unique to Emo Oil). The current managing director of Emo Oil in Ireland is Portlaoise resident, Gerry Wilson.

Northern Ireland and Great Britain[edit]

In Northern Ireland, Emo Oil is a high-profile brand name of DCC Energy Ltd, an energy company based in Belfast with several regional depots across Northern Ireland. The current managing director for Emo Oil in Northern Ireland is Donal Murphy.

In Great Britain, Emo Oil (GB Oils) operates out of several depots and offices across England, Scotland and Wales. Like the rest of the group, this newest division has grown out of acquisitions. Most notable for this are Shell Direct and Scottish Fuels. The current Chief Executive of Emo Oil (GB) is Paul Vian.

In 2011, DCC Energy bought Maxol Direct, the home heating side of Maxol in Northern Ireland,[2] which was then incorporated into Emo Oil by 2012.[3]


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