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Emory Kristof
Born (1942-11-19)November 19, 1942
Laurel, MD
Occupation Photographer

Emory Kristof (born November 19, 1942[1]) is an American photographer. His work has been published in National Geographic Magazine [2] and elsewhere.

Kristof has participated in multiple undersea expeditions with Canadian explorers Joseph MacInnis and Phil Nuytten, including the exploration of the Breadalbane, the world's northernmost known shipwreck, and the 1995 expedition to recover the bell from the wreck of the SS Edmund Fitzgerald.[3] Nuytten also accompanied MacInnis and Russian explorer Anatoly Sagalevich on a descent 16,400 feet into King's Trough in the eastern North Atlantic aboard the submersible Mir 1, and on the expedition which made the IMAX film Titanica.[4]


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