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Emory T. Clark (1905-1984) was an American businessman.[1][2]


Emory Clark was born on September 17, 1905 in Waycross, Georgia.[2] In the 1920s, he moved to Gary, Indiana and later Chicago, Illinois with his widowed mother and four brothers to work in construction.[2] During the Great Depression in the United States, however, he was unable to find work.[2]

In 1932, he moved to Milwaukee and opened a filling station in West Allis, Wisconsin, paving the way for the creation of the Clark Oil and Refining Corporation, now known as Clark Brands.[1][2][3] He retired in 1974, but resumed management in 1978.[2] By 1979, Clark Oil and Refining Corporation comprised 1,814 stations in ten midwestern states with total sales of over $1 billion.[2][4] That year, he recruited a successor.[2] He sold his shares in 1981.[2]

In 1983, he appeared on the Forbes 400 list.[2][5] He founded the Emory T. Clark Family Charitable Foundation in 1982.[2][4] He lived in Elm Grove, Wisconsin.[3][5] He had three sons and two daughters.[5]

He died of cancer on February 27, 1984.[2][3] The Emory T. Clark Hall in the College of Nursing at Marquette University is named for him.[6]

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