Empire HealthChoice Assurance, Inc. v. McVeigh

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Empire HealthChoice Assurance, Inc. v. McVeigh
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Argued April 25, 2006
Decided June 15, 2006
Full case name

Empire HealthChoice Assurance, Inc. dba Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield v. McVeigh

as administratrix of the Estate of McVeigh
Docket nos. 05-200
Citations 547 U.S. 677 (more)
396 F. 3d 136, affirmed.
Court membership
Chief Justice
John Roberts
Associate Justices
John P. Stevens · Antonin Scalia
Anthony Kennedy · David Souter
Clarence Thomas · Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Stephen Breyer · Samuel Alito
Case opinions
Majority Ginsburg, joined by Roberts, Stevens, Scalia, Thomas
Dissent Breyer, joined by Kennedy, Souter, Alito

Empire HealthChoice Assurance, Inc. v. McVeigh, 547 U.S. 677 (2006), is a United States Supreme Court case.

Empire Healthchoice Assurance, Inc. was a health insurance company that sued the estate of a deceased federal employee who received $157,000 in insurance benefits as the result of an injury. The wife of this federal employee had won $3.2 million in a separate lawsuit from those whom she claimed had caused her husband's injuries. Empire Healthchoice Assurance sued her for reimbursement of the benefits paid to him on the grounds that a provision in the federal insurance plan required paid benefits to be reimbursed when the beneficiary is compensated for an injury by a third party. The United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, in an opinion by Sonia Sotomayor, ruled against the health insurance company. The Supreme Court upheld the Court of Appeals' ruling in a 5-4 opinion. Justices Breyer, Kennedy, Souter, and Alito dissented.


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