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Empyrean, also called the heavenly rose, or the mind of God, is the name of the highest heaven in Christian theology.

Empyrean may also refer to:

  • The Empyrean (Paradiso), the abode of God in Paradiso, the final book of Dante's The Divine Comedy
  • Empyrean Halo, a powerful attack spell in Digital Devil Saga, referring to The Divine Comedy
  • In Asheron's Call, Empyrean refers to a race of highly intelligent humanoid beings inhabiting the planet Auberean
  • Empyrean (Warhammer), the hyperspace in the fictional Warhammer 40,000 universe
  • Empyrrean (spelled with two Rs), the name of the home-world of the Arm faction in Total Annihilation
  • Empyrean Brewing Company, a brewery located in Lincoln, Nebraska
  • Empyrean, a Progressive metal band from Seattle, Washington
  • Empyrean, the 13th track of the 2007 Mike Oldfield's orchestral album, Music of the Spheres
  • Empyrean, the 8th track of Max Cooper's 2014 album Human
  • The Empyrean, John Frusciante's tenth solo record
  • Empyrean Age, expansion to video game Eve Online