Enas delikanis

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Enas delikanis
Ένας ντελικανής
Directed by Manolis Skouloudis
Written by Manolis Skouloudis
Starring Alkis Giannaikas
Manos Katrakis
Ilya Livykou
Kleo Skouloudi
Dionyssis Papayannopoulos
Kostas Kazakos
Anna Paitazi
Aliki Zografou
Efi Ikonomou
Music by Giannis Markopoulos
Distributed by Mask Films
Release date
December 14, 1963
Running time
90 min
Country Greece
Language Greek

Enas delikanis (Greek: Ένας ντελικανής) is a 1963 Greek film directed by Manolis Skouloudis. It stars Ilya Livykou and Dionysis Papagiannopoulos. Filmed in the island of Crete.


Kakonissi. The son of Pontikaki, Manouelis, had grown up in which he became more beautiful. All the ladies from the village knew that were much from all the singing women, Paraskevoula. Manouelis fell in love with Smaragditsa. His father tried to bring himself a shame, brought his aunt Eirinaki which she live in the mountains along with their friends. As her aunt seduced from her beauty and that she wanted to love. Manouelis left from the mountains and headed for Ladochori at the time they had a funeral. The president of the village wrote from his voice that received and knew the spot that the singer and headed to the house in which live their six ladies.



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