Energy Tower (Midland, Texas)

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Energy Tower at City Center
Record height
Preceded by Bank of America Building
Surpassed by Present
General information
Status Never built
Location 303 W. Wall St.
Coordinates 31°59′53″N 102°04′35″W / 31.998061°N 102.076254°W / 31.998061; -102.076254Coordinates: 31°59′53″N 102°04′35″W / 31.998061°N 102.076254°W / 31.998061; -102.076254
Construction started 2013
Completed 2015 (planned)
Opening 2015
Cost Approx. $300-$350 Million
Owner Energy Related Properties
Roof 870 ft (270 m)
Technical details
Floor count 59 (1 underground retail and 5 basement floors)
Floor area 990,275.79 sq ft (91,999.631 m2)
Lifts/elevators 27
Design and construction
Architect Michael Edmonds of Edmonds International
Developer Energy Related Properties
Other information
Parking Underground parking

Energy Tower at City Center was a skyscraper proposed for the city of Midland, Texas. The old Midland County courthouse would have been demolished to make way for the skyscraper.


Energy Tower was planned to stand at 870 feet tall with 59 floors (6 floors below ground). Had it been built, the building would have been the sixth-tallest building in Texas.[1][2]

The developers canceled the pending purchase agreement for the old Midland County Courthouse property, where they planned to build the project on September 10, 2014.[3]