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For the Norwegian film, see Angel (2009 film).
Flag of Engelen
Coat of arms of Engelen
Coat of arms
Location of Engelen
Country Netherlands
Province North Brabant
Municipality 's-Hertogenbosch
Population (2008) 5,510
Major roads N59
Website http://www.dorp-engelen.nl/index1.htm
Saint Lambertuschurch

Engelen is a village in the Dutch province of North Brabant. It is located in the municipality of 's-Hertogenbosch. Engelen is neighboring Vlijmen, Bokhoven and several parts of `s-Hertogenbosch.

Location and plan[edit]

Engelen is located in the top of North Brabant connected with the industrial ground De Vutter, Bokhoven, Vlijmen and `s-Hertogenbosch. Engelen is divided in the alt part, which includes the oldest part of the village, the “new” part, which is an expansion from the village that took part before the current expansion, is taking part. The latest part that is being adding to Engelen is called plan Haverleij, which includes a special way of living in which you can live in a castle style environment. Also including a new 18-hole golf course from Burg Golf.[1] De Haverleij is also closer connecting Engelen to Bokhoven and Vlijmen. One of the things that are typical for Engelen is the Lake of Engelen (nl) which is a small lake connected to the village by industrial ground De Vutter. January 4, 2007 Engelen came into the news because of a dead baby being found at the lake, which was left there by her parents, till so far the parents have not yet been found. The baby has been given the name “Engel van het Meer,” which means “Angel of the Lake”, referring to the name Engelermeer.[2] Engelen even has its very own anthem named; Kaas is Baas (en: Cheese is boss)


Currently, there are many facilities, for example a sport complex with a tennis club, football club (FC Engelen), and a golf club located in De Haverleij, and also a healthcare facility called “De Lage Leun” including a dentist, chemists, and doctor's post. A main meeting place for people and companies in Engelen is the Engelenburcht, a social meeting place and small event hall where yearly activities for the inhabitants of Engelen, Bokhoven, and De Haverleij are held.[3] A primary school De Matrix and Jenaplanschool Antonius Abt. serves Engelen and surrounding areas.


Engelen was a separate municipality between 1821 and 1971, when it was merged with 's-Hertogenbosch.[4]


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Coordinates: 51°43′N 5°16′E / 51.717°N 5.267°E / 51.717; 5.267