Engels MI

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Engels MI
Role fighter
Designer Y.R. Engels
First flight 1916
Introduction 1920
Retired 1920
Primary users Soviet Air Force
Imperial Russian Air Service
Number built 4

The Engels MI was a Russian floatplane/fighter developed in 1916. It was a parasol cantilever flying boat with a V-Section hull, and downswept wingtips incorporating flotation chambers.

Production history[edit]

In 1916 the Russian government expressed a need for a flying counter-float-plane against the German Albatros W 4. Y.E. Engels came up with the Engels MI, and after initial testing an order for 50 was placen on 27 April 1917. Only three were produced by October 1917, and as a result production quietly stopped.

Operational history[edit]

One aircraft survived the Russian Revolution, and was delivered to the Naval Aviation School at Nizhny Novgorod in 1920.

List of operators[edit]

 Russian Empire
 Soviet Union


General characteristics



  • Guns: 1 x fixed forward firing 7.62mm Maxim gun


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