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Amc engine.jpg
Studio album by American Music Club
Released 1987
Genre Indie rock, slowcore
Label Frontier/Grifter (reissues Zippo (1990), Warner Bros. Records (1998))
Producer Tom Mallon
American Music Club chronology
The Restless Stranger
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3/5 stars[1]
Underground (15/6/3)[2]

Engine is the second album by American Music Club. It was jointly released by Frontier and Grifter in the US and by Zippo in the UK and Europe in 1987.[3][2] The 1998 Warner Bros. Records reissue added three additional tracks from the same period. The artwork for the Zippo UK release features an incorrect track listing, putting the songs in the wrong order.

Track listing[edit]

All songs written by Mark Eitzel except as noted.

  1. "Big Night"
  2. "Outside This Bar"
  3. "At My Mercy"
  4. "Gary's Song"
  5. "Nightwatchman"
  6. "Clouds"
  7. "Electric Light" (Eitzel, Mooney)
  8. "Mom's TV"
  9. "Art of Love" (Eitzel, Pearson, Vudi, Norelli)
  10. "Asleep"
  11. "This Year"
  12. "Away Down My Street" (Live at the Hotel Utah)
  13. "Art of Love" (Rock 'n Roll Version) (Eitzel, Pearson, Vudi, Norelli)
  14. "Shut Down" (Live at the Hotel Utah)

Tracks 12, 13 and 14 only appear on the 1998 Warner Bros. Records reissue. "Art of Love (Goof-Rock Version)" appears as a bonus track at the end of side one on the 1987 Frontier/Grifter cassette edition.



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