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England Hockey League
England Hockey Logo - 2014.jpg
Sport Hockey
Founded 2003
No. of teams 80
Country England
Official website www.englandhockey.co.uk

The England Hockey League (EHL) is the top tier of the national field hockey league system in England, and is run by England Hockey. The men's league is known as the Men's Hockey League, and the women's league is sponsored by Investec and is known as the Investec Women's Hockey League.


The EHL was founded in 2003. The league structure was altered for the 2008/2009 season with the aim of promoting appropriate competition for the teams involved whilst reducing the overheads incurred by teams having to travel long distances. Previously there was a national Premier and national Division One league, which had players fed into it by a North league and South league. There is now only one Premier Division, which is fed by three "Conference" leagues, split into North, West and East regions.[1]

The EHL takes new teams into the National North/West/East leagues from five separately run regional hockey associations: East, Midlands, North, South and West. These associations run a multiple-division league structure of their own, and are in turn fed by teams from county or sub-regional hockey associations or leagues. For example, the Yorkshire Hockey Association runs 11 divisions, and those promoted out of the top Division will be received into the lower divisions of the North Hockey Association. Those promoted from the North Hockey Association's top league will be entered into the EHL Conference North league, from which they can gain promotion to the EHL Premier league.


The premier competition for men was the National Inter League Tournament which started in the 1974–75 season, this was replaced by the National League in the 1988–89 season and it is now the run by England Hockey. [2] The premier women's competition was the National League introduced in the 1989–90 season [3] and now run by England Hockey. A Men's and Women's Cup has taken place in addition to the League competitions; both were originally called the National Clubs Championship. The Men's Cup was inaugurated in the 1971-72 season and the women's in the 1977-78 season. [4] [5]

Teams for 2016/17 season[edit]

The following tables list the teams playing in the England Hockey League for the 2016/17 season.[6][7]

Men's Hockey League[edit]

Premier Division Conference East Conference North Conference West
Beeston Brighton & Hove Bowdon Cardiff & Met
Brooklands MU Cambridge City Cannock Cheltenham
Canterbury Indian Gymkhana Deeside Ramblers Chichester
East Grinstead Oxted Doncaster Fareham
Hampstead & Westminster Richmond Leek Old Georgians
Holcombe Sevenoaks Olton & West Warwicks Isca
Loughborough Students Southgate Oxton Team Bath Buccaneers
Reading Teddington Preston University of Birmingham
Surbiton Wapping Sheffield Hallam University of Bristol
Wimbledon West Herts University of Durham University of Exeter

Women's Hockey League[edit]

Premier Division Conference East Conference North Conference West
Bowdon Hightown Cambridge City Beeston Bristol Firebrands
Canterbury Chelmsford Belper Buckingham
Clifton Hampstead & Westminster Ben Rhydding Exe
East Grinstead Harleston Magpies Brooklands Poynton Gloucester City
Holcombe Northampton Saints Liverpool Sefton Isca
Leicester Sevenoaks Loughborough Students Olton & West Warwicks
Reading Southgate Sutton Coldfield Oxford Hawks
Slough St. Albans Timperley Stourport
Surbiton West Herts University of Durham Swansea
University of Birmingham Wimbledon Wakefield Trojans

League Champions[edit]


Men's Hockey League[edit]

Women's Hockey League[edit]

Premiership Tournament/Super Cup Winners[edit]



Cup Winners[edit]

Previously known as the National Clubs Championship & Hockey Association Cup. [9][10][11]

Men's Cup[edit]

Women's Cup[edit]

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