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Industry Internet, Financial Services, Financial Services
Founded 2011
Headquarters New York, New York, USA
Key people

Marc DaCosta: Chairman, Co-Founder
Hicham Oudghiri: CEO, Co-Founder

Jeremy Bronfman: Advisor
Number of employees
Website www.enigma.io

Enigma is a data warehouse website which provides an aggregated collection of public data from international government agencies, organizations, and businesses. Data can be accessed through Enigma's web-based user interface, which also provides a collection of data analytics tools, or from their web API. As of May 2016, users may register for a free rate-limited account to access the data for personal or academic use, while unfettered or commercial access is available for a monthly fee.[1] Enigma is operated by Enigma Technologies Inc., a technology startup headquartered in New York City.[2]


Enigma Technologies, Inc. was founded by Marc DaCosta (Chairman, co-founder) and Hicham Oudghiri (CEO, co-founder). The company currently has 63 employees and is headquartered in NYC's Silicon Alley.[2]

Enigma was launched at the three-day 2013 TechCrunch Disrupt Conference, and was the winner of the event's Startup Battlefield.[3][4] In February 2013 they announced a $1.1 million seed funding round backed by TriplePoint Capital and Crosslink Capital, among others.[5] This was augmented in early 2014 by a $4.5 million funding round which included additional investors The New York Times Company, Comcast Ventures, and American Express Ventures.[6][7]

In June 2013, the company announced a long-term beta testing partnership with Stanford University and Harvard University, granting full access to their students and academic communities.[8] In October 2013, the company was a finalist in the NYCEDC-sponsored "Take the HELM: Hire + Expand in Lower Manhattan" contest,[9] and in June 2014 they were selected as participants in the FinTech Innovation Lab program.[10][11]

In August 2014, Enigma announced that Jeremy Bronfman would step down as CEO and be replaced by Hicham Oudghiri.[12]

In June 2015, Enigma secured a $28.2 million Series B Funding round led by New Enterprise Associates (NEA) with participation from Two Sigma Ventures and New York City Investment Fund, as well as existing investors including American Express Ventures, Comcast Ventures and The New York Times Company.


Enigma's data warehouse contains over 100,000 datasets from over 1,000 sources, including government agencies, organizations, and businesses.[4] Notable examples include bills of lading for all United-States-based shipments from the US Customs Service, the log of visitors to the White House, and campaign finance records.[1]

Data republished by Enigma are reusable (with attribution) for free by journalists, so it is occasionally used as a primary or corroborating source for analyses on everything from FBI aerial surveillance[13] to house fire incidents.[14]


Enigma provides access to its datasets through a web-based graphical user interface and an API. Tools are provided in the interface for performing basic statistical analysis, such as finding the minimum, maximum or mean value of any numerical data column. For further analysis, users may either use the interface to export data to a CSV file or make HTTP requests to the provided API.[1] The company also produces interactive data visualizations which provide visual interfaces for particular individual datasets.[15][16]

On May 11, 2016, Enigma announced the launch of ParseKit, their proprietary software for ETL and data integration, which had been developed internally via dogfooding to acquire their public datasets.


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