Epilepsy Association of Sierra Leone

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The Epilepsy Association of Sierra Leone (EASL) is a non-profit organization based in Sierra Leone.[1] The Epilepsy Association of Sierra Leone aims to establish Medical Assistance & training for the benefit of the indigenous population suffering from Epilepsy.[2]

Epilepsy Association of Sierra Leone
Abbreviation EASL
Formation 1999
Type Non-governmental Organization
Legal status Society
Purpose Fight against Epilepsy
  • Sierra Leone
Services Training of Community Health Officers & Nurses `
Website http://epilepsyassocsl.org/

Aims & Objectives[edit]

EASL was established with passion to counter act epilepsy at grass root level. The association aims to train the local health care officers, community workers, enrolled nurses & other volunteers. More than 300 members have been successfully trained technically to treat patients.[3] Through its programs EASL strives to achieve the following:[4]

  • To bring awareness amongst the locals and treat epilepsy as a medical condition.
  • To ensure availability of anti-epileptic medication.
  • To perform outreach programs and provide support to the people suffering from the disease.

Areas Of Operation[edit]

EASL has been successful in establishing treatment centers across 13 districts in Sierra Leone. Alongside the association also has 21 outreach treatment centers working towards the treatment of epilepsy.[5]

List of Collaborators[edit]

In order to achieve the task of training local health care workers EASL has associated with other governmental and non governmental bodies. The list is as follows:[6]


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