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The Epiphany Philosophers was a group of philosophers, scientists and religious (priests, nuns and monks) who met regularly and published between 1950 and 2010. Their founders included Margaret Masterman, Richard Braithwaite, Dorothy Emmet, Robert H. Thouless, Michael Argyle and Ted Bastin. Later members included Kwame Anthony Appiah, Rupert Sheldrake, Rowan Williams, Clive W. Kilmister, Frederick Parker-Rhodes, Jonathan Westphal and Yorick Wilks. The group published a quarterly journal, published by Gordon and Breach Science Publishers, Theoria to Theory: An International Journal of Philosophy, Science and Contemplative Religion.


  • Epiphany Philosophers Conference Report; privately published (1954)
  • The Pardshaw dialogues, ed. by D. M. Emmet and published in Process Studies (1987)

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