Epps 1912 Monoplane

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Epps 1912 Monoplane
Monoplane hanging on the sealing of Museum of Aviation (Warner Robins)
Epps 1912 Monoplane replica at Museum of Aviation, 2013
Role General aviation
National origin United States
Manufacturer Epps
Designer Ben T. Epps
First flight 1912
Introduction 1912

The Epps 1912 Monoplane was designed and built in 1912 by Ben T. Epps from Athens, Georgia.

The Epps 1912 Monoplane is an open cockpit, single engine, mid-winged wire braced monoplane with conventional landing gear supplemented with skids.[1]


1971 Epps Monoplane
A homebuilt replica of the 1911-1912 monoplane built and flown by Ben Epps Jr.


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