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Yeralash (Russian: Ералаш, IPA: [jɪrɐˈlaʂ]) is a Russian children's comedy TV show and magazine. Yeralash also runs an actor studio and the "Yeralash Island" camp. The word eralash means "mixed, mishmash" and is taken from the Turkic languages.

TV show[edit]

The Yeralash TV show is aired on the Channel One and features mostly child actors. Yeralash's first episode took place in 1975. As of August 2009, 221 episodes have been produced. A typical episode consists of two to four unrelated comedy scenes.

Yeralash has traditionally been filmed in Sukko near Anapa. The show featured numerous notable present-day Russian celebrities such as singer Yulia Volkova from duo t.A.T.u., singer Vlad Topalov and singer Glukoza.


Yeralash also produces a children's comedy magazine; twelve issues had been published by October 2009. The magazines featured anecdotes and humorous stories. Each magazine consists of seven to thirteen articles. It is published by the Drofa publishing house.

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