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Sergey Lazarev
Сергей Лазарев
Lazarev in 2016
Sergey Vyacheslavovich Lazarev

(1983-04-01) 1 April 1983 (age 40)
  • Singer
Years active1991–present
Musical career

Sergey Vyacheslavovich Lazarev (Russian: Серге́й Вячесла́вович Ла́зарев, IPA: [sʲɪrˈɡʲej vʲɪtɕɪˈslavəvʲɪtɕ ˈlazərʲɪf]; born 1 April 1983) is a Russian singer. He is most famous for his singing career, when he rose to fame as a member of the group Smash!!. The group broke up in 2006. Since then Lazarev has pursued a solo career. He represented Russia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in Stockholm, Sweden, and finished in third place, coming first in the televote.[1] He represented Russia again at Eurovision Song Contest 2019 in Tel Aviv, Israel with the song "Scream", and similarly finished in third place.

Early life and child stardom[edit]

Lazarev was born in Moscow on 1 April 1983.[2] From age of four, Lazarev practiced artistic gymnastics, but stopped due to his parents' divorce.[3]

Lazarev got to know about Neposedy's existence merely by accident. A shopkeeper recommended Lazarev to apply for Neposedy while Lazarev was buying bread.[4] In 1995, he became part of the children's group alongside Lena Katina and Julia Volkova. With Neposedy he regularly performed at the Russian television show Morning Star and in 1996, he performed at a concert at the Slavianski Bazaar.[5][6] In September 1996 Lazarev won the first prize at the contest Bravo Bravissimo in Italy. The same year he sang with the president orchestra led by Pavel B. Ovsyannikov.[7]

Next to singing, Lazarev worked as a child actor. When he was eleven, he performed in the Pokrovsky Theatre and had parts in several plays.[8] Lazarev also appeared in children's sketch comedy programme Yeralash in 1997[9]


In 2000, Lazarev entered Moscow's MKhAT Theatre School and graduated in 2004 as a professional actor. In 1999 he enrolled at Russia's leading dramatic institute, the school-studio MAAT. In 2005 he returned to the theatre scene.

In Smash!![edit]

Lazarev in 2015.

In May 2004 Smash!! in cooperation with the Italian band Earphones recorded the song "Obsession". On 1 December 2004 Smash!! released the second album, 2Nite. The band split up only one week after the release, with both Lazarev and Topalov deciding to pursue solo careers.[10]

Solo career[edit]

Together with British producer Brian Rawling, Lazarev recorded most of the songs for his solo debut Don't Be Fake that was released in November 2005 and sold more than 300,000 copies in Russia alone.

Lazarev wins the 2012 Video Music Awards.

Don't be Fake's first two singles, "Eye of the Storm" and "Lost Without Your Love", were soon released. The video clips of these singles were shot in Miami and South Africa, respectively. The third single "Daje Esli Ty Uydiosh (Даже Если Ты Уйдёшь)" ("Just Because You Walk Away" in English) became the biggest single from the album, peaking at #1 for many weeks, remaining on the charts for over six months, coming back to the charts twice more, and eventually reaching #2 in the annual airplay chart of most played songs in 2006. Due to the massive popularity of the song, the album was re-issued with bonus tracks including 3 versions of the song—the English version (which can be found on the first issue), the Russian version, and a dance remix also sung in Russian. Lazarev also performed the song at the MTV Russia Awards. The single was written by American songwriter Gordon Pogoda and Australian writer/artist John Stephan. The fourth single, "Fake", was plugged and the video clip was shot in London. Meanwhile, the Fake Remixes EP was published. This was also promoted to some clubs in the United Kingdom.

Lazarev at Eurovision Song Contest 2016.

After the success of his first album, Lazarev went to the studio and recorded a new album TV Show The video for the lead single, "Vspominay (Вспоминай)" was shot in Moscow. The English version of the song, "Everytime", was soon released along with the video clip, this one being similar to the Russian version. Lazarev recorded a cover of "Shattered Dreams", originally sung by Johnny Hates Jazz. This was the second single of the album and the first international single for Lazarev. The video was said to be shot in Canada.

In 2008, he was a candidate to represent Russia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2008 with the song "the Flyer". He finished fourth in Russia's national final, which was won by Dima Bilan. As his international fame rose, he performed to full-capacity crowds at The Opera House in Bournemouth, England on 23 March 2008[11] as a supporting act to British dance group Booty Luv. Also in 2008, Lazarev won MTV's Artist of the Year Award. Consequently, releasing the video of the Russian version of the song "Almost Sorry", ("Зачем придумали любовь") this one being the fifth and last single of the album.

Lazarev representing Russia with the song "Scream" during a rehearsal before the second semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 in Tel Aviv

On 31 March 2010 Electric Touch was released in Russian music stores. The video for "Alarm" was released on 10 May and on 26 June it was confirmed the song "Feeling High" was the new single from Electric Touch.[12]

In 2012, Lazarev released another English-language song, "Take It Off".

On 10 December 2015, it was announced that Lazarev would represent Russia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in Stockholm.[13] In the final, he reached third place with his song "You Are the Only One", Lazarev won the televote with 361 points, and came fifth with the national jury scoring 130 points.[14]

On February 7, Lazarev announced that he would represent Russia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 in Tel Aviv, Israel with the song "Scream". He again finished third in the final.

Other appearances[edit]

In 2021 he placed first in the competition show Tantsy so zvyozdami (Tанцы со звёздами), the Russian version of Dancing with the Stars.

Political views[edit]

In 2014, following Russia's annexation of Crimea and during his stay in Ukraine, Lazarev stated to Ukrainian television, "Maybe my own Russian fans will throw tomatoes at me, but this is the way it is for me. When I travel to Yalta, for me it's Ukraine." However, in his later comments on Ukrainian television the singer said that his words had been taken out of context.[15] Lazarev explained that in fact he meant that the territorial change was so instant that he could not get used to the idea that Crimea was part of Russia again and "need[ed] time to realize it"; the singer compared it to the feeling of those who remember the transfer of Crimea from Russia to Ukraine in 1954: "I perfectly understand those who, in 1954, suddenly woke up in Ukraine, and who wanted Crimea to return to Russia. I know, many are happy with that. But I need time to realize that". Lazarev claimed the recording of his speech was shortened and edited by the Ukrainian TV crew for use in an "anti-Russian" an information war.[16]

In February 2022 after Russia invaded Ukraine, Lazarev spoke out against the invasion and war. “Please everyone, stop! Together, say STOP! Have a seat at the table of negotiations! Let the people live!!! No one supports the war! I want my children to live in peace! I WANT to live and create IN A PEACEFUL TIME!” [17][18]

In January 2023, Ukraine included Lazarev on a decision "to impose personal economic sanctions against some Russian cultural and sports figures" due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.[19][20]

Personal life[edit]

In December 2016, he announced that he has a two-year-old son, Nikita, after pictures of both attending church were captured by paparazzi.[21] Nikita was later featured in Lazarev's music video for "Так красиво" in 2017.[22] In September 2019, during an interview with Lera Kudryavtseva, Sergey disclosed having a one-year-old daughter, Anya, with the same biological mother as Nikita but born from a different surrogate mother. This was also the first confirmation of Nikita having been born via surrogate.[23]


Studio albums[edit]

Title Details
Don't Be Fake
  • Released: 1 December 2005
  • Label: Style Records
  • Formats: Digital, CD
  • Certification: Platinum (NPPF)
TV show
  • Released: 10 May 2007
  • Label: Style Records
  • Formats: Digital, CD
  • Certification: Gold (NPPF)
Electric Touch
  • Released: 16 October 2010
  • Label: Sony Music Russia
  • Formats: Digital, CD
  • Certification: Gold (NPPF)
  • Released: 18 February 2013
  • Label: Sony Music Russia
  • Formats: Digital, CD
  • Certifications: Gold (NPPF)
В эпицентре
(V Epitsentre)
  • Released: 15 December 2017
  • Label: Sony Music Russia
  • Formats: Digital
  • Certifications: Platinum (NPPF)
The One
  • Released: 1 April 2018
  • Label: Sony Music Russia/WMG Russia
  • Formats: Digital
Это я
(Eto Ya)
  • Released: 29 November 2019
  • Label: Sony Music Russia
  • Formats: Digital
  • Certifications: Platinum (NPPF)
  • Released: 26 November 2021
  • Label: Sony Music Russia
  • Formats: Digital
  • Certifications:
Я Видел Свет
(Ya videl svet)
  • Released: 27 October 2023
  • Label: Koala Music
  • Formats: Digital
  • Certification:

Extended plays[edit]

Title Details
Я не боюсь
(Ya ne boyus)
  • Released: 23 August 2019
  • Label: Sony Music Russia/WMG Russia
  • Formats: Digital

Compilation albums[edit]

Title Details
Лучшие Песни
(Luchshye Pesni)
  • Released: 2010 (EU)
  • Label: Monolit Records
  • Formats: CD
The Best
  • Released:
    • 1 April 2015 (RU)
    • 16 October 2015 (EN)
  • Label: Sony Music Russia
  • Formats: Digital
  • Certifications: Platinum (NPPF)

Live albums[edit]

Title Details
Шоу «ЛАЗАРЕВ» Live in Moscow
  • Released: 5 December 2014
  • Label: Sony Music Russia
  • Formats: Digital
Шоу N-Tour в СК «Олимпийский»
  • Released: 22 May 2020
  • Label: Sony Music Russia
  • Formats: Digital

Remix albums[edit]

Title Details
London Club Remixes
  • Released: 15 August 2008
  • Label: Style Records/Moon Records
  • Formats: CD
Идеальный Мир Remixes
(Ideal'nyy Mir Remixes)
  • Released: 17 February 2017
  • Label: Sony Music Russia
  • Formats: Digital


Title Year Peak chart positions Album
"Eye of the Storm" 2005 47 Don't Be Fake
"Lost Without Your Love" 6
"Just Because You Walk Away" 2006 5
"Fake" 7
"Shattered Dreams" 19 TV Show
2007 11
"TV or Radio" 72
"Girlfriend" 28
"Almost Sorry"
"Zachem pridumali lyubov"
"Зачем придумали любовь"
"The Flyer" 2008 London Club Remixes
(featuring Timati)
69 Electric Touch
"Stereo" 2009 18
"Найди меня"
"Naydi menya"
"Alarm" 2010 38
"Feelin' High" 33
"Instantly" 97
"Биение сердца"
2011 26
"Electric Touch" 30
"Moscow to California"
(featuring Timati and DJ M.E.G.)
2012 19 Lazarev.
"Take It Off" 69
"Нереальная любовь" 129
"Cure the Thunder"
(featuring T-Pain)
2013 40
"Слёзы в моём сердце" 138
"Stumblin'" 46
"В самое сердце" 8 Non-album single
"7 Wonders" 2014 35 Lazarev.
"7 Цифр"
"7 Cifr"
714 Non-album singles
"Это всё она"
"In My Lonely Life"
2015 10
"Весна" 80 The Best (RU)
"Эх, лук-лучок" 7 Non-album single
"You Are the Only One" 2016 18 40 53 71 49 34 206 The One
"Пусть весь мир подождет"
"Pust ves mir podozhdyot"
22 Non-album singles
"Чем измерить Сочи?"
(with Звезды "Новой Волны")
"Breaking Away" 199 The Best (EN)
"Идеальный Мир"
"Idealnij Mir"
81 Non-album single
"Лаки Стрэнджер" 2017 27 В эпицентре
"Lucky Stranger" 209 The One
"Прости меня"
(with Dima Bilan)
252 Non-album single
"Сдавайся" 25 В эпицентре
"Шёпотом" 15
"Так красиво" 3
"Новый год" 306
"Холодный ноябрь" 2018 478 Non-album singles
"Пьяным, чем обманутым"
"Грустные Люди"
(with Diana Arbenina)
"Scream" 2019 89
14 Я не боюсь
"Я не боюсь"
"Ya ne boyus"
"I'm Not Afraid"
"Бонни и Клайд"
"Bonnie & Clyde"
Это я
"Снег в океане"
"Back in Time"
(featuring DJ Ivan Martin)
2020 28 Non-album singles
"последний день помпеи" 296
Это я
"Я не могу молчать" 22 Non-album singles
"Я не могу молчать (New Version)"
"Not lonely"
"Неодиночки (Nostalgic EDM Version)"
"Ароматом" 2021 67
"Не отпускай"
(with Ani Lorak)
"—" denotes a single that did not chart or was not released.


  • Don't Be Fake Tour (2006–07)
  • TV Show Tour (2007–08)
  • Lazerboy Live (2009–10)[31]
  • Heartbeat Tour (2011)[32]
  • Lazarev Live (2013–14)[33]
  • The Best Tour (2015–17)[34]
  • N Tour (2018–21)[35]
  • Я не боюсь! Live (2022)[36]


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